I was thirteen when I first learnt the meaning of ‘alliteration.’ Derived from the Latin word ‘latira,’ meaning ‘letters of the alphabet,’ an alliteration is a literary device used to describe:

alliteration: (n.) the occurrence of the same letter or sound at the beginning of adjacent or closely connected words.

By then, the realisation of multiple representations in language, its form and study had set in. This was more than just a semantic awareness. It was an internal confrontation between my name and its identity as years of hearing “Huh? What kind of a name is that?” rang repeatedly; a collision of selves, even.

Bearing the essence of my family name in ‘Aswa,’ my proper name almost seems to carry forth eons of intertwined heritage, while carving a path for regeneration. And I’d like to think that ‘ni’ meaning ‘you’ in Tamil, my mother tongue, is a cry for me to embark on this journey.


I am Aswani Aswath. Welcome to my whirlwind affair with words.